I'm having a lot of trouble stacking my EM-Drive into my Fulldrive 2 mosfet. I want the EM to act as a super light overdrive and then the mosfet a 2nd and 3rd. I'm having trouble blending them together and getting 3 clear stages of overdrive. I just can't get the right tone with them. Maybe the combo of my amp/guitar and pedals isn't working.

I'm running a Jaguar special HH into my board.

Mxr custom comp - em drive - fulltone 2 - volume out to tuner - time line - bluesky into my vox ac15

Any tips on dialing in worship tone would be great.
the EQ curve of the pedals may not play nice together.  you may have to get another overdrive that works for what you want it to do. maybe a clean boost would be the plan. 
Agreed. If you want to stack ODs for P&W, I'm thinking at least one has to be a clean boost/low gain OD of some kind. Everything after that would be personal tastes.

The guy in this thread uses the Fulltone OCD for his jazz/gospel/etc. rig.

Other good options include the Klon Centaur (and all of the less expensive pedals cloned from it, like the Archer, Soul Food, etc.), Timmy, Spaceman Effects Mercury III, Keeley Katana (and variants), ThorpyFX Peacekeeper, Magnetic Effects Satellite...the list goes on.
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bendewling I run something very similar for P&W, just a Chellee Ponyboy instead of the EM-Drive. I run the Ponyboy into the FD2. I use neck/middle pups for every stage but the red channel of the FD2. The FD2 is very midrangey so cranking up the tone control on the FD2 is very useful. You may also need to roll off your bass response elsewhere as well to keep the low-end tight. When you engage the red channel, you're likely in high-gain territory and you'll need to use the bridge pickup.

What you may want to try is using the green channel as your stage 1, red stage 2, into the EM-Drive as a stage 3- heavily cranked up for more saturation and volume for a solo boost.
i think you want tgp for this

seriously, though, the big problem with stacking is that you tend to get more compression- i like that, but if you don't, that could be working against you. the fulldrive is tubescreamerish/sd1-ish too, which is also usually pretty compressed.
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