A while back I traded my Peavey Vypyr for a Line 6 Pod HD Pro, and only recently I've started using the MIDI funtion on that as a channel switch for my amp and using that in the loop for my effects. It's great. The next step I want to take is using a DAW to control the amp and the Pod, to switch effects in time with pre-recorded tracks. And the step beyond THAT is to get a foot controller to select different tracks to play along with sending commands to my amp and Pod. How do I achieve this? Thanks in advance.
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In the DAW you need to setup a separate midi track with the correct commands at the correct times. You need to include commands for the pod and for the amp. Then set it, so it outputs the midi signal trough your audio interface or whatever midi inteface you have on your computer, into the midi IN on the POD. Then you have to setup the pod, so that the midi commands it recieves get routed forward to the amp. You have to make sure that the commands for the pod are not the same as the ones for the amp, so that way there will be no accidental switching either on the pod or on the amp. Or, if they are the same, you may be able to solve that by using different channels for each device, but then you need to output two separate midi tracks, each on its own channel. Im not sure how customizable the midi support is on your amp, or on the pod for that matter, but in any case, this should be doable.

As far as controling the daw with a midi footswitch goes, thats something i dont really know.
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