At the 2:28 mark he says He uses a harmonizer detuned to 12 cents or something , I have a Tc electronic corona chorus and it sounds to warbly andt cant get it to sound like the one in the video.

Maybe its because the corona chorus is based on a chorus/flanger that it sounds warbly and I'm thinking of changing it to an arion sch-z chorus pedal or a boss super chorus , but I think all chorus have those warbly effect on them right???

In any case what pedal would you reccomend to get that sound?

Extra: What pedals you reccomend to get close to the tone in the video?

Digging the 80s guitar tones atm and i do have a boss dd7
A harmonizer is a completely different pedal than a chorus. If you wanna replicate this, then you need an actual harmonizer pedal. 
Joža je kul. On ma sirove z dodatki pa hambije.
Guitarplayer452 I would not call a pitch shift of 12 cents a "harmonization" algorithm. Really, it is just a detune effect. The guitar tone is replicated, dropped down 12 cents, and mixed in with the original signal again. A chorus with very little sweep, speed, etc. would get something similar. Essentially what you want to happen is for the detune of your typical chorus pedal not to be modulated in pitch or time at all.

Another option is to get a harmonization pedal of sorts, which will often have pitch shifting capabilities as well as actual harmonization algorithms. More to the point though is the Digitech Luxe, which is exactly a detune-er. An "anti-chorus".
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Will Lane Yes thank you that is exactly what I was looking for! Any other pedals like it perhaps ?

I looked up harmonizer pedals like the boss ps-6 but it didnt have the intricacy of going the negative 12 cents