Hi guys
Don't suppose anyone out there has got the padded carry case for crate powerblock they don't want?
I'm looking for some kind of protective case for my atomic amplifire and it turns out a powerblock case is a perfect fit!
Alternatively if anyone knows of something very similar equivalent????
Wow, that's cheap, is that usual used price for these over there? I paid £120 for mine over here which is fairly typical at the mo
The cheapest one sold on ebay was $100.  But most were selling much higher.  So $60 was pretty cheap.  I'd never used one and it sounded better than I expected when I hooked it up and plugged my pedalboard into it.  A buddy of mine who is always scouting out the pawn shops told me about it.
I still have a Crate Power Block that I picked up one day on an impulse at Guitar Center quite a few years ago . They had a stack by the door for $99 new. Funny that I haven't thought about it before. It sits in a cabinet in my little home studio. I have never used it. 
Yes I am guitarded also, nice to meet you.