Does anyone else here like doing this? I've always sound that I can get far more likeable tones from an MT-2, HM-2, FX-86, etc (ie those distortion pedals that everyone hates) running through a bass amp with the right EQing than I have ever gotten from a guitar amp, be it the amp's natural distorted sound, distortion plus an OD/Distortion as a boost, clean amp with a distortion pedal, etc. It's also a lot cheaper than just about any popular hi-gain amp that everyone seems to love.

How does anyone else feel about this?
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I don't know what type of tones you're shooting for with that setup, but I can definitely say I love a Muff-style fuzz into a bass amp for low-tuned doom/stoner types of music. Also a big HM-2 fan, for the specific old-school Swedish sound, though I can't say I've tried it with a bass amp. (I imagine it would work reasonably well for that, though, since those bands were using solid-state Peavey combos.)
Doesn't work through my bass amp. The tweater in it makes it very harsh. I do love a slightly modified MT2 when run into a good cab SIM, or in to a tube mic pre then a clean power amp And speaker cab. Sounds like most modern extreme metal bands that have that grindy mid range.
A lot of people are down on this, but it works and works well depending on how you treat it.  As Liaztraht said above, tweeters harsh it up.  But they can be disconnected, or buy a cab without.  

On subject, I think plenty of evidence exists in support of it despite the naysaying.  You look at the 60's and early 70's Marshall amps that defined an era of rock and metal most were bass spec before the lead series came out.  Hendrix, AC/DC, Clapton, among others used these either in the studio or on the backline.  Kyuss era Josh Homme is a good example of using bass amps for downtuned sludge.  I remember seeing Nate Newton (Converge, Doomriders) play his Orange AD200 for his guitar work before he played a thunderverb later on.  I'm sure plenty more examples exist.

Personally, I did this when I had an ampeg rack head and an Orange 30w head.  I played the Orange 30W into a 4x12, Had a BBE sonic max + big muff in front of the ampeg feeding a Carvin 1x18.  It was awesome.  I tried it after seeing a Japanese D-Beat band play nothing but SVT's and 8x10's.  It sounded rad so I went into the jam spot and wired everything up to see how it'd sound and I loved it.  I have plans for an Ampeg V4b as my rig update as soon as I have the cash.  
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i used to run a RAT through a mid 70s Bassman head in the mid 80s if that counts.