Due to my living situation I have to use headphones to play my guitar the majority of the time, some times I do not have too. So instead of investing in tons of pedals and a tube amp, ( I am broke anyway) I got a Steinberg UR12, and I started using BIAS FX which is like a modeler run from my laptop, I can get some pretty nice tones with it surprisingly. I am looking to get studio monitors I can plug into my Steinberg UR12 Interface and play my guitar out of, I am looking for some speakers that could possibly be more designed to handle a guitar signal from my laptop, my budget is $850, I am interested in getting some KRK studio monitors as they seem to have great reviews but I know little on the subject, any wise advice would be tremendously appreciated, thank you.
I got a deal on a set of KRK Rokit 8's nearfields that work really well in a small to medium-size room and that fit your budget. 

I've got them on a pair of Ultimate Support MS-90/36 stands (36" high). The stands have a channel for cable handling and another, sealed channel that's supposed to be filled with sand or lead shot to eliminate vibrations being transferred to the floor, etc. 

There's really no "designed to handle a guitar signal" -- think of a PA system that's designed to work with all kinds of music. Nothing special about a guitar signal.

I also run keyboards through them. I picked the 8's over the 5's because they've got better bass handling; with the 5's I think I would have been compelled to immediately buy a subwoofer as well. With the 8's, I've forestalled that a bit, and the bass is perfectly adequate. They're biamped (total of 100W per speaker), and I think the LF/HF split is something like 80/20 or 75/25 for each.