I wrote this in a day and I've been trying to improve it. It's about the comedian Harris Wittels's death and how it affected me.

I'm super proud of the breakdown at 2:31 but I'd love some suggestions on the pre-chorus and chorus (vocal melodies aren't super exciting) and mix. Link me to your stuff too!
I think the voice suits a lot the song and the genre (in fact, it reminds me of the vocalist from some other Punk band but I can't point out which one). I can say I enjoyed this song all the way through, the breakdown was very catchy and uplifting. The verse vocals are really catchy too, but the chorus was a little more forgettable to me, as the placement of  the "to push aside" line was a little awkward. 
Other than that, it was very nice and you should be proud of it!

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