I have a Crate (don't know which model because i'm a beginner) and it has a clean channel with a Low, Mid, and High setting, but the Overdrive/Distortion channel has 2 gain knobs, 1 shape knob, and a Low and High knob. How do i even go about setting it up?
Put all the knobs at noon (halfway) and adjust them one at a time while playing to understand what they do. If you're not sure, put them back at noon and leave them until you've played enough to notice what's missing. That's for the treble, bass, and shape, gain knobs should probably start lower since noon isn't the default for those. 

There's no mystery or secret, just mess around until you find what you like. One suggestion for new players is to use less gain than you think you need. A lot of beginners(ok, and a lot of non-beginners) use way too much distortion. 
the shape is very likely a mid control (or maybe a contour control, which is more or less a mid that works backwards).
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1] Go to the manufacturer's web site
  a) go to the Support page
  b) Go to the Tech Supt Library - the link titled "Check out our new Technical Support Library"
  c) Select "User Manuals"
  d) Notice the series letters - C G P R B F E T K V A M X D

2] Determine your amp's model identification.
  a) Now you know your amp model starts with one of those series letters
  b) Look at the front of your amp
  c) Look at the back
  d) Find which series letter with which your amp model starts 

3] Download the user manual for your amp
  a) Return to the website and select your series
  b) Match the rest of your amp's model identification to the user manuals of that series 
  b) Download your manual

4] Follow the instructions that explain how to use the controls
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I'm pretty sure the Bible requires that you play through a tube amp in Texas.
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I'm pretty sure the Bible requires that you play through a tube amp in Texas.