Sup guys,

I got a new Blues driver 2-3 years ago as a gift, but bout 6 months ago, the stomp switch became completely inconsistent. Became unusable live, because I couldn't trust it to turn on or off with just one stomp sometimes. I was very disappointed, because I thought boss pedals were supposed to be "built like tanks".

I've sworn off Boss after that... never had any other pedal give me problems after playing with effects for 5 years or so. Also, I think the stomp style just kind sucks. Am I the only Boss hater? LOL.

Just a fun thread
Yes you're the only one. Hide your head in shame
You're the only one in existence, yes.

And no, the stomp box style doesn't suck. It's actually the most friendly for live use you can possibly design into a compact pedal since the button to engage it is so large.

Roland has a 5 year warranty on all Boss pedals. The replacement they'll give you will not break.
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Yeah, can't have 100% success rate for sure, but it just seemed really cheap to have the switch go out like that... I think the stomp switch is super wonky in general, but I think I'm bias ahah, much prefer the mxr body

I do admit I still have an RC-3 that hasn't failed me... yet :p
It's rare, but it happens. Hence the warranty.

But the other side to their "tankiness" is their ubiquity. On the off chance your Bods pedals fail, finding a replacement in any major city- and most towns with more than one music shop- in the developed world is relatively easy.
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I have an NS2 I bought used. The thing looks ancient. Most definitely a first version of the board (I guess they changed the board a bit over the years) it still plays like a champ. My 2-3 year old SD1 had some minor issues a while back. But it was from all the beer being spilled on it. Cleaned it out, touched up the solder joints too and works like new.

Boss may not have the best effects ever, but they are tanks. And if those tanks fail, they are easy to work on. Unlike MXR. Which when I opened my MXR distortion, it was nothing but SMD components.
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I had the bosd chorus and compressor that became useless - tone suck with very strange behavior .

Naw, that's just what buffers in the older Boss pedal designs sound like.

The buffers in the newer pedals are way better though, like the TU-3's.
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^ Just to clarify what you've said there, just in case anyone is confused- as far as i'm aware, the buffers in older pedal designs *that Boss still makes* still kind of suck (e.g. Boss SD1). So it's not guaranteed that if you buy a new Boss pedal today, that its buffer will be good.
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