Hey everyone...

I joined UG way the hell back in the early 00's when I was just starting out.

After all these years, I finally have a band that is ready to start shamelessly pimping around the internet - NIKKI VALENTINE & THE GYPSY RYDERS

These tracks were recorded and mixed by Ronnie S. Champagne, who was the guitar engineer and co-producer on Jane's Addiciton's first two albums, Alice in Chain's "Facelift" and worked for Warner Bros alongside countless great bands from the 90's.

Gear buffs will be interested to know that I plugged into the same one-of-a-kind amp that was used on all those classic albums. It's an 80's-era JCM800 that was modded by Reinhold Bogner months before he founded his namesake company.

Check out this teaser for our upcoming music video. The teaser vid is SEXY as hell, but it's safe for work.

and here's our fancy new website:


hit me up on various social medias if you really dig it, or if you wanna talk gear! - my handle is Murray T. Handman, and i am on the big sites, like facebook, twitter, instagram...
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