Ok I had no idea of the right section for this, so excuse me if I guessed wrong, but I just thought that, while about an artist, this kinda relates more to playing and technique

So, I really wanna start to learn some holdsworth licks (I don't think I'll ever be able to play a full solo), cause I've always loved the smooth sound of legato and generally I love his phrasing in every single aspect. By him I know IOU, Metal Fatigue and a few random songs so not that much yet.

I just thought to ask which solos/licks I can look out to start form something that's not THAT crazy! I was looking forward to Tokyo Dream first licks, until the solo gets flat out crazy, but there are no tabs: I'll slowly work on it by ear cause that piece of, music is pure magic, but if you have suggestions of tabbed stuff it would be great! (Also, I've learned the chords part of Tokyo Dream cause why not)

Any help is very appreciated, thank you. Have a nice day!