Just tabbing my own business on UG's web when *BLAM* THE BLUE BOX IS BACK (I had to deal with this for a while)

This blue box travels over each character on the screen, if anything is typed the blue box will not move and will replace anything. Example: I'm hovering over the letter (A), anything I type replaces that character; (A) becomes (y) or (2) or (& and so forth.

Usually refreshing the page would do the trick, but it keeps coming back and working around it means copying and pasting blank spaces just to add spaces (whyyyyy).

Any idea?
NeoMvsEu, I remember this same exact situation when I posted in the wrong forum, ahaha! (on the inside I'm dying)   I'll put it in the correct forum
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Sorry NeoMvsEu, I'm not able to repost in the Bug Reports section because for some reason I can't post a new thread, clicking on the button is not doing anything. Tried on three browsers; Chrome, Windows Edge and Firefox. Just gonna have to be patient about it...