Pretty cool from a composition aspect, at least certainly better than what passes for 'prog post-hardcore' in the real world. I find the tempo to be unrealistic, however, if you were aiming to actually learn this cuz currently it's only a few synths away from a hyper-produced anime theme song.

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Thanks, dude! i could see it being just a bit fast, I might dial it down a couple bpm.. not sure yet. i do like the energy, but maybe just a notch. appreciate you taking the time to crit!
BloodReverence hahah thank you so much for dropping in and taking the time to comment but i'm pretty set in stone with the BPM being 165+, at least from a solo standpoint. if i start working with a band on this and they feel as you do then i might have to reconsider but i think we like this to convey that intensity as a high point or opener of an album.
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This is great. I think the speed is fine as long as it's do-able haha.
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