Anyone else here into making this stuff? Dark ambient, harsh noise, drone, found sound, soundscape, chance music, etc. Melody? Rhythm? Harmony? Tonality? Pulse? Beat? Instruments? Recording fidelity? Intention? Purpose? Organization? Planning? Do you really need like half those things to make music? Let's deconstruct everything Western music spent hundreds of years developing.

I do a lot of dark ambient and a lot of noise music with spoken word. Usually not even coherent sentences and sometimes not even real words. Vacuum cleaner solos, sawing cardboard boxes, and distortion pedals with nothing plugged into the input jack are common features. Indiscriminately hard clipping the entire track is a standard mastering technique. Infinite delay and reverb. All great stuff.
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on one hand i wish soundscapes made a comeback

on the other hand i do not have the temperament to make soundscapes
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I play a hell of a lot of drone. But nowadays it's acoustic stuff focused on overtones (think Earth by way of Charlemagne Palestine and Arvo Part) as opposed to the feedback/noise stuff I'm used to. I had a hnw project for a short while, but I was never happy enough with what I got to take it anywhere serious. I think I started it all with fucking with sine waves in fruit loops but that kind of fell off the wayside too.

I'd like to layer some field recordings some time. Perhaps with little artistic involvement, like just making photographs of what I see.
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I've talked with a friend about organizing a noise show with some people from vaguely around the area. There's an Oddfellows hall nearby so we thought about doing it there. It's maybe a 40x30 room so with a 5000 watt PA setup everyone would die.
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Go for it. There's usually a decent following for these things in even the most remote of towns.
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Yeah, no. We could totally make it work. It's like $200 to rent the place. Like if we let 50 people in for free we'll make enough profit on drinks to at least come out even. If we turn the lights off and sell glowsticks and stuff forget it.
There's no such thing; there never was. Where I am going you cannot follow me now.