Well after getting sick of lugging around a 4x12, I went and traded that B52 for a little Bugera 2x12.

Begin rant: Biggest motivator for this is, in my main band, I supply one of the amps, and supply my drumming. I end up hauling and moving most of the gear. Well last night's show, after playing, as usual, the rest of the band were either off somewhere else, or trying to figure out how to wrap the cables, in other words too "busy" to help. While I'm stuck moving that heavy SOB. Trying to maneuver it down the narrow stairs of the stage, I end up stumbling and dropping it, catching my knee in the rear port on its way down. Immediately it started swelling and bleeding. Stayed that way all night. The frustration of moving a heavy 4x12 was finally pushed over the edge. That being the last straw, first thing I did today was limp that cab to GC and trade it in... /rant

PROS: Good midrange grunt, and enough wattage handling for my Crush head. It has a hollow resonance reminiscent of a Marshall 4x12 I used to eyeball at Guitar Center (a plus for me). It tightened up my heads tone, thanks to the sealed back. IT IS LIGHT!. The size is nice, and I can flip it on its side with my head barely hanging over the edges. Great condition (especially compared to my ratty B52 with torn tolex and missing corners).

CONS: Other people may or may not talk shit about it. I mean its a Bugera.... Being used it was missing the handle. Probably removed to fit a head. I fashioned one with hardware stripped from a spider and some paracord for now.

Overall, it suites my amp, and my needs. My back (and knee) will be happy. It will be nice having more trunk space. Should be able to fit everything without folding my seats down now. And I really dig its tone, though I will probably slap some V30s in later down the road.

And the handle I made
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