Hey guys, been a long while since I've finished a song. This one was inspired by the newer Gorguts stuff, but I have no idea how to play any Gorguts song so inevitably it sounds like a bunch of my other influences. Looking for feedback of any level (composition, mix, etc.)

This was also my first attempt ever at recording any kind of vocals. For the past year, I've been dabbling in harsh vocals on and off. I'd appreciate feedback on this in particular, whether it's the mix or the vocal technique. I really wanted to enunciate all the words, so let me know if you could pick out any of the lyrics!

C4C as usual. Thanks!

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It's got that Gorguts sound alright. Mix is pretty good but your tone is a bit mushy, maybe add a little treble to it? I'd also recommend beefing up the drums, reducing their snap a tiny tiny bit (just the highs) and adding a mild, general room reverb (aside from the bass) to everything to get that current Gorguts sound.

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I don't know gorguts but I like the feel of this.  The "cleaner" lead guitar  really sets a creepy mood.  Makes me want to invade the realms of men.

I have a bit of a difficult time differentiating the guitar from the bass but that might be my shitty speakers.

You know what this song could use?  War horns, deep earth shaking horns playing a drone in the back.

Usually I don't like growly vocals but yours are really not annoying at all (trust me that's a compliment from me) Can't make out the words though, sorry

I like the dynamics of the drums, the changes really define the changes in the song. I also like that it's not A to Z double bass.

I do agree about the mushiness of the guitars.

The breakdown at 4.20 is pretty awesome but it seems like it could do with more rising action like harmonized guitars, percussions, solos etc.

One small criticism though... does the song really need to be 7.30 minutes long?  Maybe it's the style that asks for it but it seems that fitting all these riffs in a 5 minute package would make it pop more.

Free up. Can't listen at work but I'll listen later and write a review.

Edit:  I'm not familiar with Gorguts' work so I can't comment on that -- but I thought your vocal performance was very strong.  Like EpiExplorer said, I think this mix would benefit strongly from a bit more reverb, and I think especially the vocals.  You wouldn't have to go crazy with reverb, but 0.8 seconds-1 second of decay on everything (not the bass though) would help glue everything a bit better.  You'd probably want to raise your vocals a bit in the mix as well.  As for the EQ on your vocals, I thought that was perfect.  

As for the songwriting, I really enjoyed the dissonant progressions you used with the clean and lightly distorted guitars.  All-in-all, a very cool song -- I'd like to hear more.

Here's a black metal tune I've been working on; just a sample of it though.  I'll do vocals on it before I release the whole song.  Anyway, here it is if you'd care to give it a critique:  https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1742604
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