Hi guys. Hope all is well. Just a quick question really. I have an epiphone texan which i adore. Best guitar i've ever had. But recently i wanted something to travel with as im worried about taking the epi out of the house incase i damage it. Anyway, i bought a Gretsch Jim Dandy and its pretty cool. I was wondering as my uncle says it strictly for blue and slide, is this the case? I play alot of difderent generes, especially 60's stuff like the beatles, the who, the stones and hollies etc. Would this guitar be a good all rounder or more for the blues genere. Thanks guys
Your new Jim Dandy is known as a "parlor guitar". I've never heard of anyone using them for slide, but they are inexpensive guitars so why not? 

You can play anything on a steel string acoustic, but most people probably do play blues, folk and such on them. I've heard those Jim Dandy guitars are pretty good for fingerstyle. 

Congrats on your new guitar. 
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I've always desperately wanted a red Gretsch "Rancher". But alas, they don't make them in left hand models...  https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/GrchRNJmb?adpos=1t1&creative=175866237996&device=c&matchtype=b&network=g&gclid=CjsKDwjw0cXIBRCxjqnE3K3sHhIkAL1LezThVv8TAd7Mb5iDnllujSp3Br5sL-B6gexAU3fnUrAMGgJcffD_BwE

Is the Epi "Texan" you speak of an original model, or the recent homage, "Inspired by 1964 Texan"?

And "Happy new guitar Day"!
Hi captain. The epi is the inspired64 model. I would of loved an orginal, but its finding one in good nick and the budget lol. Still, its still a very well made guitar and i would highly recommend it to anyone. Btw, thanks guys about the jim dandy. He seemed to think it was strictly blues and slide. Think il knock out a bit of the whos happy jack tonight hahaha
rye93  Ah ha! As near as I can tell, there's sort of a buyer's preference debate between the Texan and the Epi EJ-200-SCE camp. I have 2 of the 200's, which are supposedly "limited editions" due to the fact they're the lefty model. The 200's have stereo electronics, but the Texan has a solid back. It's offered in a lefty as well. I was going to grab one of the Texans too, but thankfully, the manic phase of my buyer's frenzy slacked off a bit, and I was able to maintain some headroom on my credit cards. I'm pretty sure the Texan would be a good score for me.....Oh well, one of these days...