Cool start!  Puts you right in the thick of things!  I'm having a bit of a hard time making out the bass guitar.  It's cool that it follows the drum closely since it really adds to the pulse of the song but it might benefit from a bit of clarity.

Do you find that there's too much gain on the guitar near the end?  Seems like you could achieve the same effect but with greaty definition by bringing the gain down a tiny bit (and maybe doubling the part)

It's way too short though, hehe.  Is this just a work in progress?  It seems like two or three good riffs like this one over the space of another 2 or 3 minutes could really open the song up!


Thanks for the review, it's not a work in progress, I started and finished the track yesterday at night, I was just trying the idea of making a song to the beat of a heart, that's why the rythm never changes, the gain on the guitars is fine I think, I don't want it to sound extremely clean, just clear enough, the rythm guitars are doubled, it just may sound weird because there's 4 different melodies going on at the same time, and the bass sounds like that because it's supposed to be an extention of the rythm guitars.

I'll go review your track now, but I have a question for you, what do you think of the mix? Does it suck? Is it okay? The sound I'm using in this song was not intented to have this many overdriven guitars, I may have made it a lot dirtier than I wanted it to be.
no I think it's pretty good!  The lead guitars and the overall feel remind me of a lot of mogwai stuff! If it was my song I'd dial back on the chuggy rhythm guitar after a few moments and let the bass and drums carry the beat but I don't think it's bad at all!  It's got a good heavy but ambient feel!
Pretty nice actually, although my main crit is that the chuggy rhythm guitars are too ahead of the beat. If you put them ever so slightly behind the beat, then you get a sexy sounding micro groove going.

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Thanks! I may have an idea of what you mean but I'm not 100% sure, can you post an example?

I was very careful with the timing, but I recorded the guitars at 4am being pretty tired so I may have fucked up unconsciously, it has happened before haha

Not much of an example to give, it's some tested advice from Paul Gilbert: If you're ever so slightly behind the beat but still almost dead on, the rhythm section feels more naturally fitting. Plus, all you need to do is zoom into your waveform and move it backwards ever so slightly, hue.

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yes every night of my entire life i go to bed crying because i wasnt born american

Oh, that, I have done it before, not exactly that way but looking very closely at the waveform of the rythm tracks side by side with the MIDI drum map while in sync with the DAW grid itself, getting them closer then tweaking one of the two until it sounds good. I just usually do that with fast palmmuted stuff so it's really tight with the kick, never tried it with slower stuff, it's good advice, thanks!