I feel kinda stuck. Like I'm not learning anything new. When I practice it's like I'm just aimlessly playing different things. Not even full songs. Just bits and pieces. Been playing for little over twenty years off and on. Can someone tell me how to get out of this slump? Feels like I'm not progressing any. Just playing the same old stuff. Thanks.
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That will get you more responses- your question pops up here a lot.
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I feel like you just answered your own question with this phrase:
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Not even full songs. Just bits and pieces.

A good first step is to actually learn full songs. Probably the most fun type of practice is to learn a song completely and then play along to a recording of it. It gives you that pseudo-playing with other people feel, and it will probably motivate you to play for a lot longer.
Quote by Fendermaybe Feels like I'm not progressing any. Just playing the same old stuff. Thanks.

Means that you should really try to expand your musical horizons and your repertoire. Check out a new style of music and learn a couple of songs from that genre, listen to more music for inspiration, and one thing that always works for me is to go see a gig live. It's really inspiring, at least for me.

And if you're at that level, find a band. That is a great way to push yourself forward.
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I was that way for a while, I just bought some magazines as well as TAB books for some albums I really liked and buckled down and learned entire songs, find TAB for some of the songs you like and already play perts of and learn the rest of them.

Try learning a bit of theory as well having an understanding of the guitar neck will help.
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