Hey Aaron,
I listened to Secret Signal.  As with all your songs you really hooked me in with the keyboard intro and then you kept me there. I like your vocals on this one. I can make out the words and the effects on it fit the song.  Your recording is clean and well-mixed.

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I just listened to secret signal. You sing a lot like fred schneider!

The chord progression is cool but is there too much synth? The stereo effects are cool! Is there a bass guitar? Seems like the bottom end could use a boost but maybe it's just my headphones.

Good stuff!
lungfruit and flexiblemile,
Thank you for listening and commenting, I appreciate it! The is no electric bass in "Secret Signal". The B-52's are one of my favorite groups, though I can't say Fred Schneider is someone I try to sound like; though I'll take it as a compliment.
thanks aaron for your opinion on my last track. Secret signal I like the guitar part at 2:02, the song has good build up, I like the synth a lot in this sounds wacky and eccentric like your vocals. What you did on that day has a really cool intro with that bass riff. cool guitar riffs and the bass is well mixed, the vocals in this are my favorite from you gj.
Secret Signal has a nice synth intro kind of dancy in the same way the Pretty Hate Machine was; still a bit a malice behind it. the vocals I wasn't crazy about though, for me there were too many layers behind it, the guitar line when it comes it is really cool, the tone suits so well I only wish it could have remained a bit longer, Overall good track, most of my nitpicks are merely personal preference.
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Aaron, thanks for your review earlier!  Out of these two new songs I liked "What Did You Do That Day" the best.  What are you using for guitar tones?  You've got the 80s vibe down man -- including your vocals and all the synth.  If you don't mind my asking, what are you using for your synth tones?  This is pretty far from what I normally listen to so unfortunately I can't really give you a legitimate critique.  I grew up in the 80s but I was listening to Metallica, Slayer, and hair-bands at that point so...All in all, you've got a nice niche with your music -- not something I hear every day.
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I listened to 'what you did on that day' 

Comes in with a catchy beat which the guitar really strengthens. As always I like the way the instruments are layered, the way they come in and out bouncing off each other (in particular that... I think it's a toy piano?). My criticisms are mostly on the vocals, they're a bit over processed and they should be present in more of the song. There is a little too much guitar solo. I think tweaking the time dedicated to each section would help things along nicely.

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Fourfourforever, Poisonouspot, KaliM, weorge, lungfruit,
Thank you for the reviews, I appreciate it! The only electric guitar I've owned is a Yamaha SBG 1300TS. For "Secret Signal": guitar>Line 6 PodXT>Roger LinnDesign AdrenaLinn for the first tremolo effect rhythm guitar; just the PodXT for lead guitar & rhythm guitar just before it. Arturia Moog Modular-V, Jupiter 8V, CS80V, and Lennar Sylenth 1. For "What You Did on That Day": that's real life slapped electric bass. The drums and synth sounds are Korg TR-Rack (not a synth plug-in, a hardware synth module). The amp model is Roland VS8F-1 on the guitar. Not sure what lungfruit meant by "anch" (anchored?).
"Secret Signal" has some mighty layers of synth. All the beeps and the bops are very cool. The vocal entry felt weird but once the song picked up the quirky style made more sense, with all that high singing. I like those surfy delay bits of panning guitar, that was done very well. It's an oddball tune but it moves, not bad. 

"What You Did On That Day", the drum sound is comparatively plain, but the guitars sound cool. Again all that layering and panning is sweet, especially all that stuff in the intro. Odd vocals work better here, lots of reverb but for the tone the instruments create it makes sense, the entry of the keyboard actually startled me, like whoa okay. Keeps that groove going throughout and the very progressed guitars work to create this spacey, reverb dipped sound throughout which is pretty neat. The end should've been another repetition longer...

This be my song oh on... 
What you did: I really like the groove on this one. The bass is simple and yet effective. Some guitar parts work very well but I don't really like the ascending thing at 00:46. You've got a unique sound on the vocals and it works well for this kind of music. Maybe a little bit too much reverb on the vocals for my taste.