Hi everyone, just want your opinions on the best bang for buck acoustic guitars for around 400-500 pounds.
im kind of limited on where i can buy them from, but ive been using www.andertons.co.uk since ive started playing guitar. Im from australia and the prices are extremely high here for guitars etc. i was looking at this guitar https://www.andertons.co.uk/p/PUELLA-DCE-S/electro-acoustic-guitars/dowina-puella-dce-dreadnought-solid-top-cutaway-electro-acoustic

-cant buy locally
-cant try them in person
-Must be from andertons.co.uk

heres a link to andertons with my price range https://www.andertons.co.uk/c/3/acoustic-guitars?p=1&q=3&by=6&v=0&me=st&f=Price-Range:300-500&x=Price-Range
Are you now in Oz or the UK? Freight, insurance and customs clearance can be a big cost if importing from the UK into Oz. I would buy local if possible, because or returns and warranties.

The one that caught my eye was the mahogany-topped Taylor GS Mini, which I have tried and liked, but there is plenty of choice. I know nothing about Dawina, so I would probably play safe and go for Yamaha or Epi Masterbilt if I wanted a dread.
Im in australia. I imported a fender strat from the uk when i first started playing and it didnt charge me anything other than freight which actually doesn't make it cost any extra as i dont have to pay tax so it works out about the same. i dont have to pay tax if its under $1000Aud which is around 570 pounds i believe. Local stores are extremely expensive.
540 pounds total

477 pounds total

anyone have any input on either of these? For some reason the 10e is only 20 pounds Postage where as the big baby is 62 pounds, not sure how that works but the 10e is the more expensive guitar-
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Second the vote for the Taylor BigBaby as well. Best under $500 acoustic guitar in the world, imo. I don't have the version with a pickup though. I routinely see them going from $225-250 used on Craigslist.