I can't put new strings on my guitar which has locking tuners, because there's no holes in the tuning pegs? I know how the locking tuners work and I've been restringing them before, but now the holes in tuning peg just don't open. Do you have idea what should I try to do to get these open? Thanks!
Yeah try and wind the knob to completely flat (dropped) side of tuning and go again from there. Or something could be seized up but this would be unlikely on all of the pins
monwobobbo No they're not tightened. They're loose as they can be, and that's the problem, when you loosen them there should be hole where you can put the string in, but there's not. 
Do you know a model and a brand? Have you managed to get a manual for the tuners? I'll hsve a dig around and try to help you out if you can give me some more specifics about the guitar or tuners
hydreliox I have tried that too and it doesn't work. There's not any movement inside the string hole when I tighten or loosen the knobs. The guitar is Fender Jim Root Jazzmaster
I must admit to not knowing about those tuners and I am struggling to find images online. I am stabbing in the dark here (although I am still researching for you so bare with me) in saying maybe there is a flat screw or hex cut in the top of each tuner??

As I say, still looking about for you. Hopefully one of the more knowledgeable members will be along shortly too
Does the back of the tuner (where the ''F'' Fender letter is stamped) turn to unlock the string from the tuning peg? Basically the circle on the back of the tuner (back side of the headstock) that has some grippy type edging cut into the metal?
hydreliox Yes all the circle knobs on the back turn, but when I turn them, there is no movement inside the tuner where the strings should be put in. There is no space to put the string in

There is pictures of the tuners:

And the problem is in all of the tuners, none of them has space in hole for the string when I loosen the knobs.
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Not sure on those exact tuners but I have used similar ones that had the knob on the back of the tuner, but after loosening it you also had to pull it out a bit to drop the metal holder in the string hole, and if you give it a partial turn while pulled out it will stay down, then you twist it till it pops back into place and then tighten it up again.
Turning those little knurled things on the back of the tuners will expose your string holes. 
Sounds like the pins that hold the strings are stuck in the "up" position and blocking the string holes.

Normally when strings are removed, you have released the pressure on the pins so they slide down, removed the strings (leaving the hole open), then put the new string through, then tighten the knob to push the pin up to lock the string.

What has happened is that the knobs have been tightened while there was no string to lock, the pin heads are not designed to ever do that, so the pins are stuck to the top inside of the peg heads.

- first thing to try is tapping them free. Loosen the knob, cover the peg top with a piece of cardboard, and give it few firm taps with the handle of a screwdriver, and see if that frees the pins

- if that does not work, remove the knob so that the pin is free to fall out. Try the tapping from the top but also wiggling of the pin from below inside

- if the pins come free, look at the end that was in the top of the peg head to see if it was scared or scratched. If so, some pins are reversible and you can put the good end oriented into the top of the peg head; otherwise you may need to polish the end so it does not cut strings

- if none of this works you may need to show it to a tech...
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Try using a paper clip or something else thin, put it into the holes and drag it down to pull the pins down.
Thank you guys, I got it working. I took a little nail and drag down the pins in the holes.