Hey guys, I'm looking at picking up the guitar more and could use some suggestions. I'm going to be out if school for good in a week here and will have at least 6 hours a day on weekdays and all day on weekends to practice, I'd basically like to get my guitar skills up as fast and efficiently as possible. Now I know I of course won't be using every spare second to practice, but I would like to spend at least an hour a day on guitar. What works best for you guys at practing and getting started with a more traditional way of learning guitar properly. Any books, websites, DVD's, YouTube videos/channels that you would recommend?
I also have 4-5 hours a day on weekdays where I am at work and just watch a basketball court to prevent fights from starting, so I'm doing basically nothing. Are there any hand exercises or techniques I could somehow work on in that time?
Thanks so much guys! Any help is really appreciated!