Gonna do some easy mods to a squier strat. Its an indonesian make around 2006. I want to put some metal dome knobs on it. I know that my strat has alpha pots but im not even sure how those dome knobs work. Do they even have the knurls thta fit on the pot or is it something else? If you have put those on anything can you tell me how they work and what would work on my strat?
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CENSORED. Any knob will go on a split shaft, but only set screw will go on the solid shaft pots. You squire will have split shaft pots, so any knob type will go on them. Ones without a set screw will have teeth on the inside, so you'll need to line those up. the set screw ones are usually smooth inside and you just tighten them with an allen key once they're in the right position.
Everything  .:RoKsTaR:.  said is correct.  I would just like to add, that knobs without a set screw work better on split shaft pots (even though both  types will work) because when you tighten the set screw onto a split shaft pot the shaft will eventually distort and the knobs will get loose  so you have to tighten them down regularly.
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The Tele style knobs they sell at Guitar Fetish work great on Alpha pots (have the combo myself).  They have teeth on the inside for split shaft and also have a set screw for they will never come off unless you want them to.  Mine are as tight as the day I 1st installed them over 5 years ago.  They are great heavy duty solid brass knobs with a choice of finishes and even ones with real pearl and abalone tops.

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