Trading a 2015 Gibson SG Standard with a Fender 60th Anniversary American Standard Stratocaster Aztec Gold.

Like mentioned above, is this a decent deal? Both are in mint condition. The reason I am trading the Gibson is that I have small hands and the neck is a bit too wide for me. I am not sure if I should just trade the Gibson back in to the music store where I got it, but I got this offer so I am kinda unsure right now. Thanks for the replies.
unless ur hands are tiny I'd keep the sg and use more palm for support 
Seems decent in terms of value; I disagree with the above as I don't think there's much point sticking with a guitar if you don't like the neck. However, do you want the Strat? It's kind of a different beast and while that likely includes a narrower, rounder neck than the SG, if you want an SG but found that neck too wide, you can certainly find SGs with narrower necks. I seem to recall the 2015 model year having a particularly wide one. At the same time, if you're happy with either then yes, by all means go for it.
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Also, keep in mind that Strats are 25.5", Gibsons are 24.75". That may entail a bit more of a stretch at the lower frets, in case you're worried about having small hands. 

That said, being able to play on a neck doesn't really depend on your size of hands. Do some exercises to increase your finger independence and improve your stretching capabilities. There are a lot of good ones to check out on youtube, your hands don't have to be a limiting factor when you play. 
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