Preferably battery powered.

I came across the Peavey CH-D Solo. How would this sound with an acoustic guitar plugged in? What batteries would I need? And could I use an Australian power lead?

I am pretty new to these 2 channel amps and help would be appreciated!

Well, it is marketed as a PA amp, not a guitar amp, so I would assume it has a pretty neutral speaker so it should sound reasonably good if you plug an acoustic guitar into it, but since it only has an 8" speaker, your aren't getting very loud before you've hit the limit of the battery, amp and speaker. 

Yeah busking...

I don't know if I should risk it. There doesn't seem to be any other options.
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Wait, if you are using an acoustic, why do you needing an amp?
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I use an older Crate Limo with a rechargeable battery for that. It is pretty loud, and never let me down. 
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Battery-powered, your options are limited. Carvin had a unit called the Stagemate 400D, which ticked all your boxes and had 100W of power from a small lead-acid (rechargeable and interchangeable) battery. I think they've got a new version now that's more expensive. Check here: https://carvinaudio.com/collections/s600/products/s600b

Here's the thing: for both voice and acoustic guitar, you need an amp with a speaker system that will have enough frequency response to showcase those. A standard guitar-type amp won't. You'll sound muffled. Most acoustic amps and PA systems have a ported, closed-back cabinet for the bottom end, and a tweeter to extend the upper ranges. They'll also have more power than you'd think necessary if you're used to guitar amps; that's to provide enough for low-end  reproduction at the same volume as the mid-rangey electric guitar amps.