To start, I love the VYPYR VIP 2 amps I have, they have SICK tones, and lots of great features. I am not hating on the amps.

There is an issue with the PEAVEY VYPYR VIP amps that I am surprised that not very many people are noticing or complaining about.
On the high gain / distortion settings, the noise gate lets a lot of noise through.
I own 2 VIP 2s, and they both do it, (1 is on firmware version 1.61, the other is 1.62, 1.62 is the newest they have released)

To test if your amp does it, set the amp model to 6505, 6534 or XXX, on the red channels. Play a note or chord, (low ones seem to do it more than high notes) then mute the guitar strings with your hands. Depending on how high your gain is, you will hear some noise coming from the guitar for a few seconds, even though the strings are silent, before the noise gate catches it and mutes it.
Then, to prove it is the guitar making the noise, and the gate is just missing it, do the same thing again, but mute the guitar with your volume knob, instead of the strings. No noise! If you listen closely you can even hear it while you're playing, even though it's quiet. You really hear it in recordings.

Also, the problem stops as soon as you turn the gain (on amp) and volume knob (on guitar) down to the point where you lose that sick palm muted chugging sound, and it turns to heavy overdrive.

If you notice the issue, please help! If we could get some people to report this issue to Peavey's customer support, they would probably try to fix it with a firmware update. The more reports the better!

The amps were released in 2013 (I think), and they have a 5 year warranty, so I would hope they would try to fix the problem on year 4 of being released, if they hear enough reports of the issue.

It would also be nice if they would make a way of adjusting the noise gates ourselves, from the VYPYR Edit software. I haven't tried the software, but I've heard they don't let you adjust it.

Here is their customer support email address and phone number. I tried the email, and didn't get a response, so I called and talked to a guy, he'd never heard anything about this, and passed it on to someone.


If you do contact them, let us know, or if there are any other issues you reported, and want the rest of the forum to report!
Thanks a lot and rock on!
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It is a known issue. Firmware upgrade is supposed to be the fix. You will need the 7 pin 'Peavey' cable.

Also, you will get a lot more traction if you just post a thread over on the Peavey forum (after searching the topic there). They have a dedicated Vypyr subforum and Peavey employees are very active on those forums (at least they used to be). I would structure your OP a little differently knowing that.

Good luck,
311ZOSOVHJH Thanks for the suggestions! 
I have updated one of the amps to the newest version, 1.6.2 and it didn't make a difference, or at least not very noticeably. Maybe it's different for your amp, I see in your tag thing at the end, you have a VYPYR 60 amp, I'm talking about a VYPYR VIP 2. I'm hoping they will make a firmware update if they hear some more reports. 

Nice to know about the VYPYR forums, I might have to try that out! Thanks