My bandmate has a relative that owns a music shop we were there last week getting some practice in after hours when I noticed this white beauty hanging across the room, it was calling me. I picked it up and played it and was surprised to see that it was obviously a cheap made budget guitar it plays very well, sounds much better than you would think and keeps tune just fine.

I got the guitar with a very nice leather strap, new strings and a proper setup for $140 CAD which is about $100 USD. After some research I found that it was made in Taiwan sometime in '95 I take pleasure in knowing that it's older gotta love the quality of guitars from that time. For now it will stay as is but in the future this will most likely become some sort of project guitar. It's funny though this guitar has blown my mind on the whole $ value = quality, this thing is giving my Jackson a run for it's money wait till it get's some proper pups in it!

Also I decided to name it White Lighting never named one of my guitars before but there is something special about this one I'm telling you guys it possessed!!
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yeeeah boiiii
name change to jizzanalbatormater
llol didnt know taiwan made yamaha guitars  
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