I was peddling pig's feet off of 35,
Stopped to take a swallow of the brine,
Another day and dime,
When that big ol' hotrod came a crashin' through the vines.
"Shit, neat!" I thought at all that goldenrod and green,
Cleared the bottles from the passenger's seat,
Said "Come get wild with me,"
A smoke and then a joke and that was it for me.
Slut Highway! It's goin' my way!
Lo, behold; A ribald tale is told.

I was overtaken with the warmest high;
Ripped leather, deep tongue, and pride,
Attitudes and snide,
Feral babies running naked through the Great Outside.
Burned sheets, wet snarls dripping on concrete,
The gnarled fangs that really own these streets,
Every burnt-out piece:
A thousand nasty riffs and one big dropped-out beat.
Slut Highway! It's goin' my way!
Born to die, Good Lord, O' man alive!

If you can do it twice,
You had the time to do it right.
Just stop complaining,
Take yourself and go be free.
Make room for filthy thoughts,
Pull out the stops and don't get caught,
And if someone gives you shit,
Just point 'em out to me.

I ended up posted outside your door.
Clumsily fingered the hilt of my sword;
A sorry sort - Like I've ever swung a thing
with that much force before.
With a thrust I let you down
and watched as your were struck,
and you said to me before you went above,
In a voice with love:
"Suck it up and go and take a goddamn shot for us."
Poor advice.
Nice job!
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