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Hi all,

Bought a Biff Muff with a Tone Wicker switch about 6 months, and it's been great up until this morning.
I've tried researching the issue on the web, but really struggle to explain exactly what the issue is.
I've uploaded an unlisted video on YouTube which shows the problem quite well.
All I can say is, the pedal has these kind of bursts in and out of a dull muffled sound, and raw fuzz power.
At the moment I'm running it as the only pedal in front of my amp, with leads I KNOW are 100% working.
It's being powered by a daisy chain, and it's the only pedal currently connected.
I think something internally is causing this problem, possibly the contacts, but I'm not sure. My knowledge on how pedals work is limited.

The video can be viewed here:

You can see the first and second time I turn the pedal on, there is a spike of power, and then it kind of dulls down.
And the final time I turn the pedal on, it turns my tone into a dull crunch. (which actually sounds kind of cool, but not what I bought the Muff for haha).

I would actually try and play something in the video, but it was taken spur of the moment and I only had one free hand.

(I'm running it through a Boss Katana Head and a 4x12 Jet City cab... if that helps).

Thank you all for your help!
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