What has been the most successful method for you guys in searching for new band mates? 

Have you found anything aside from Craigslist that has been useful?
A lot will depend on where you live but I think the best source is other musicians. Go to open mike nights, go see other bands who do similar music to what you want to do and talk to other players. They are probably in touch with other players and can recommend people who are decent players with experience. Since they are out there playing already they can be a major help. This way you are not only getting referrals from other players but you are making it known to other musicians that you are available should a band be looking for someone like you. 

One thing I also recommend is that you get professional business cards made. Nothing elaborate just your name what instrument(s) you play (add vocalist if you sing) and your basic contact information. Don't try to get fancy or come up with your own design, save that for later when you have a band. I would even suggest using Vista Print where you can get 250 cards for $10 (they say it's 250 free then charge $10 shipping). Don't cheap out and print your own. This way you are ready to hand someone a card and you look prepared, professional and serious. Act like a pro and you're more likely to be treated like one. 
Yes I am guitarded also, nice to meet you.
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I found my band on joinmyband.co.uk - I'm sure there are similar sites covering other countries as well.  If not, there should be...
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A bit off topic but I think it helps: If you're still in the process of choosing band members, choose band members who share your goals. If you want to work hard on your band and take it places, don't choose a drummer who just wants to get laid. Better think about such things before choosing your future band members beforehand. 
What's your situation? Are you starting from nothing or just looking for the final piece of the jigsaw/ trying to replace someone who has left? I'd suggest very different approaches.