Hey all,

So, I actually already have plans to go through with a different pickup swap in one of my guitars (That is still happening), but I recently found out about the 57/66 models from EMG, and am thinking of giving them a shot in a different guitar.

I've steered clear of actives for awhile, because IMO, stuff like the EMG 81 can be a bit of a one-trick pony, and a bit too "sterile" in feel to me. But I listened to a few clips of the 57 in action, and I must say I was pretty impressed - It seemed to have the tightness/clarity of an active, but with a more open, organic tone like a passive - almost like a strange cross between an 81, and an overwound PAF passive.

Am I hearing this thing right? (I know clips never tell the full story with any gear). Does it still "feel" like an 81 or 85 when you're playing with one? Most of the clips I heard were either high gain or clean, and I'm curious how it handles crunchy/mid gain tones.

Thanks in advancd!
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I have them in my EC-1000 and absolutely love them. I got tired of most standard EMG pickups a while ago. In my opinion they have the sound of the 81/85 but with more of a PAF tone to them. They are very responsive to your playing and are very articulate. They can handle a wide range of musical styles. 
Once again, in my opinion they are the best of both worlds that EMG has to offer. 
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