I threw together a quick recording of some parts I was playing around with, but listening back I feel like I've ripped off a song, but I can't figure out what that song is.


It's a messy recording, all first takes.

Anyone know which song I've stolen, if any?
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Probably some RHCP song. At least that's what came to my mind when listening to it. But it doesn't sound like a straight rip off, at least not from any song that I know. Then again, the idea doesn't sound particularly original... There isn't necessarily anything wrong with that, though. Not everything needs to sound fresh and original and sometimes it's fun to write a song in the style of another artist.

But yeah, I wouldn't really worry about it, unless you really want to know if there is a song that sounds similar to what you have come up with. Nobody is going to sue you, unless you become really famous. So rip off as many songs as you like. As long as you are not making money with it, nobody cares.
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I hear a little bit of Life in the Fast Lane by the Eagles in there , a little bit of Edge of Seventeen by Stevie Nicks and an overall RHCP vibe but nothing I recognise as a straight rip off.
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It's more a chord progression than anything. I don't hear any melody and there are no words so I don't think you've copied anyone in particular.
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Nothing actionable, but I hear elements of:
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