Hello guys!

I've been working on a new song and would like to know if it is anything good. It's in the vain of the newer Emo bands with a hint of the 90's.

As always crit4crit!

Thank you for your review and time.
New Song.gpx
New Song.gp5
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Mean Mr Mustard Yeah we have a bandcamp page with some "older" songs on it. We recorded them about a year ago. As you could expect from a band that is not native in english language, the singing could be better. Nonetheless I hope you like it a little bit. 


We are working on new songs with more open tunings and try to combine the new wave bands (like sorority noise, dikembe ...) with the epicness of bands like Mineral and so on.
yeah the gp5 felt indeed a bit lacking, you should try just recording the gpx, using audacity if gp6 doesnt have a proper way to export it, and then upload it tp dropbox or something. The song is definitely nothing I personally would be listening to and I guess it would only really shine with vocals and good lyrics, but I can agree with improof that the outro was pretty good. Some of the transitions could need some work cause they felt pretty abrupt, but at the same time that could be intentionally.
When songs are not my cup of tea, which they rarely on UG nowadays, then it's hard to tell error from intention so im sorry I cant give any constructive criticism. I'll be giving your bandcamp a listen though for sure.
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