Hi, I'm hoping someone can assist me with identifying this Epiphone guitar my wife has had for nearly 35 years. 
I've done a fairly thorough image search with nothing even closely resembling it. And the serial number format 
doesn't seem to match the usual pattern listed on 
many other sites.

The stamp on the back of the neck plate says Japan and I think the serial number is 1078l938.

She says she bought it new when she was 13 or 14 yrs old. So that would be around '82.

Hoping someone can tell me the Model number or name, manufacture date and location. 
Possibly even the specs or original catalog ad. My wife says she picked it out of a catalog at 
the store and had it ordered in.

Attached are some pix.  Cheers and thx for any help.
Mystery Epiphone.pdf