I accidentally just ordered the T-Rex Juicy Lucy without realizing that it is for 12V pedals, what are the dangers of running all my 9V pedals through the Juicy Lucy? Should I cancel the order?
Cheers for the help
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12v will blow up some pedals but some can handle it.  If you value your pedals  I wouldn't use 12v on a 9v pedal.   As a general rule you should keep all your pedals operating within 10%. 
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I have a power supply which is switchable.  Some of my pedals were OK when it accidentally got switched to 12V, some didn't work well at all, but none of them were damaged by it.  In particular I found that an analogue delay and a chorus didn't work well at all.
Yeah, the chances of causing damage are probably not huge but the chances of everything working right are also not great and I think it would be pretty dumb to risk it.
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While you probably won't hurt your pedals by doing this once or twice in the long term may be a different story. Get the right power supply
Digital pedals usually need one specific voltage, but some 9V analog pedals can work up to 18V.

Look at the specs of each of your pedals. You should already be doing that as far as their current is concerned so you don't overload the power supply.