So I have the FocusRite audio interface and the Reaper DAW. I want to use direct monitoring while recording because I use VST's but I'm getting bad latency. I dont know if it can be solved through through what I have because I was under the impression the FocusRite would get rid of latency, or if I need to buy a better sound card. Thanks very much (and yes I've looked into the Reaper playback settings and it say ~120 ms latency)
120ms is pretty drastic. D/load latest ASIO drivers from audio interface manufacturer, also see if there aren't any firmware updates. Then try lowering the latency thru the audio driver or in some cases if that's unavailable thru Reaper. My PreSonus interface has the latency settings on the driver itself.

If you still have issues, then see what is connected on the USB ports, try taking out unnecessary USB devices to rule out interference. Also see if your computer has USB setting for USB3 ports to be put in "legacy" mode, or connect to USB2 ports if you have any, just to rule out that it isn't an issue with USB3 ports (quite common with a lot of audio interfaces).

That's about all I can think of at this moment, post back later and we'll keep on looking at ways to improve if you didn't get what you need.
Direct monitoring is not what you're using.  It's hardware feature -some Audio Interfaces like TC Electronic Desktop Konnekt  have this function .   Then you have no latency but you can't hear VST effects.  You seem to be using "Software monitoring" and then you gotta live with latency. Anyway more than 20ms makes it usually impossible to play.
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Life is latency, as some elsewhere have said. Pay attention to the number of samples per second. Focusrite what? The Saffire current generation goes down to 16; I find the default 128 is doable. Then it depends on what sampling rate (higher means more to process), what VSTs and how many you're running, compared to your computer hardware.