Hey. I've been into fenders, but I want a different sound. I'm a blues guitarist and I'm into Cream, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Jack White, Peter Green and BB king.

I have been looking at the Epiphone les paul studio deluxe, the epiphone The Dot and the epiphone SG G-400 PRO.
Have any of you tried any of these out? What do you think about them? Which one is best?
Get the epiphone lp-es. That's like all these guitars rolled into one.
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Best is subject to ones own preference,  I've played those models in one form or another over the years and basically your looking at 3 different animals,  So its best if you choose which one you think is best and not which one I think is best,  Me? I'd tend to lean more to the SG with a touch of LP thrown in for good measure,  But I don't own any Gibson designed guitars,  Although do have a few designed and built by a former Gibson Custom Shop luthier,  Gibson frowns upon new designs so he jumped ship and went over to head up First Act Custom Shop USA,  Those 3 in the center are good examples