Hi, new to this forum and starting right away with a question.

So, I've been playing for about 6 months, and it seems that I've unconsciously developed a weird habit: instead of making my hand float or resting it on the bridge, I've been resting on the body, right over the low E string, like on this 2 photos:

I was thinking this was a correct technique till I decided to some videos of a song I was struggling to play, and noticed that no one played like this. I can't even find a topic about this, everytime I try i get redirected to someone asking how to palm mute.

Anyway, what I really want to know if it's I should fix it urgently or just letting it drag, because this strange technique allows me to hit 200bpm 16th's easily for a minute on the low E (open string) without getting tired at all, while using the "sit on bridge" technique only allows me to go to 120bpm for around 15 seconds, before I get tired or start muting the string. Another thing that worries me, is how will this limit my palm muting (metal much), in the jumping from the body to the strings process.

Thanks in advance for your responses.
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200bpm 16th's easily for a minute on the low E (open string) without getting tired at all

That's ridiculously fast for someone who's only been playing for 6 months. Are you sure you're playing sixteenth notes?


I'd say you should learn to play with your hand on or above the bridge, because it allows for far more flexibility. How are you going to hit the highest strings with your hand placed there, for instance?

Also, is it possible to record a video of you playing? I'm genuinely wondering how you're picking from that angle.
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RDSElite Hey, woke up earlier this morning and managed to record myself. I wanted to focus just on the right hand, so sometimes it's hard to understand what I'm doing, but I hope you can view it.

Started with something like 
Then moved to 
to try to show mobility,
Then some more string wankery and skipping, tried to tremolo on every string and finally attempted  to reach the 16th's on low E, but I think I failed, don't know how much bpm it was, but I'm sure it was lower than 200, didn't managed to hit it that fast for the recording.
I have seen one other person who rests their hand on the body, that is Mike Kerr from Royal Blood.

I think you will find it difficult at times when quickly changing between palm muting and open strings, also from the video it looks like that hand position creates a LOT of extra wrist movement which will make it difficult to play one string accurately without hitting others, and also may cause injury after long term playing.

Take a look at this video, just skip to 4:14 and watch for a few seconds. The technique he is using is very relaxed and there is very little wrist movement involved. That is what you want to be aiming for as it's much more ergonomic.
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