I am about to get this Schecter however i never had opportunity to play it, in local store theres only Demon 7 version of this guitar. Demon 7 is really nice, hd hellraiser c7 but sold it cause didnt liked baritones. My opinion have changed towards the years, i totally enjoy these longer necks .

How do you rare Damien Elite 7 ? Is it fine? Build quality ? Any Advantags or Disadvantages of it? Price tag is just 450 $, so it feels so cheap. Location Poland.

My main guitar is Ibanez Rg 7421 PB in Saphire Aqua Blue.
As you already know from your previous Hellraiser C7, the Schecter neck will be a bit beefier compared to the Ibanez RG neck.  I haven't tried the Demon 7 or Damien Elite 7 (bolt-on neck) but I do have a couple of their 26.5" and 25.5" scales and they're all very nice Bang for the $$$. Go for a set neck model.
I have a Damien Elite 7 in metallic black I picked it up used because I wanted a 7 string and my friend was selling it for $300 in near mint condition. I find the overall build quality to be excellent and on par with my MIJ jackson guitars, as for the neck it is a bit on the beefy side but I have no issues playing it even with my relativley short fingers, it plays very well and the fit an finish are excellent. Mine is bolt on and don't bother me bolt-ons never did I have more bolt ons than I do set or neckthrough guitars it's all preference.
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Great to hear it , i have shorter fingers thoo, im kinda not tal (178cm). getting it as fast as i can sell my old ESP ltd mh 417