Hey peepz!

Long time no see, a lot has changed for me but to keep it sweet and short - I started a YouTube channel!

My first few videos are/will be mostly guitar covers for some songs that hit that sweet spot when I listen to them.
I decided that the best approach is to put a TAB for each song I play so that people, if interested, can see what I played and how I played it.
That was always a big help for me when I wanted to see in what position people play certain songs and it's a lot easier then to just stare into the tab with no knowledge what-so-ever.

Anyways, later on I will be uploading bass covers, vocals covers, my own material and tutorials, but for now I just wanna see what you people think and if you could help me spread the word and of course give tips and critiques

Currently I have uploaded covers for:

KSE - Strength of the Mind
The Faceless - Prison Born + TAB
First Blood - Next Time I See You...
Of Mice & Men - Bones Exposed + TAB
KSE - Rose of Sharyn + TAB
Divine Heresy - Facebreaker + TAB
Bodycount - Black Hoodie + TAB


Would love to hear from you people and if you like what I do - please Subscribe :*