Put together another parts Mutt. I absolutely love it and happy most of my ideas came together the way they did.

However, I have an issue that seems to be beyond my knowledge of guitar electrical. In the original volume hole I have a DPDS killswitch. In the tone hole is the volume. It is an H-S guitar with a 3-way blade switch. The cavity does have shielding.

I am getting noise from the hot wire that goes from the killswitch to the jack. It literally sounds like it itself is a pickup when you touch it. Much like if I were to tap my pick on the top of a pickup. I've tried replacing the wire, the jack, and just wiring it straight to the volume. Always the same thing. Never had this happen before. Any help would be appreciated.
Xander_X  Are you using a shielded wire?  If the wire insulation got too hot during your soldering it could have melted enough to put the core too close to the shielding causing lot's of noise.  A switch that got too hot could do the same thing.  It might  also be a good idea to make sure none of your hot wires are pushed up against the shielding in the cavity.  
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The wire is insulated. And I even tried replacing the wire. It thought about the switch may have been overheated, but then I removed it and ran the hot straight to the volume, still made the noise. Everything but a couple small ground wires are insulated.
It may sound like a stupid question but did you remember to ground the wire shielding?
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