So i have been playing guitar for around 6 months now... i can play things like scales and modes pretty easily and can create melodies and stuff....
The one problem i have is building speed.. i get confused playing to a metronome... dont really understand it... i can play to songs... i have been trying to learn master of puppets for a few weeks now and i have been stuck at 140 bpm... i can attempt at the actual speed but my picking hand goes awry....
I find my hand slips on my guitar and i cant find a good position for my guitar... every position I keep it is usually uncomfortable for me...
I tried playing with my friends guitar every now and then and i find his easy but cant say for sure since i dont get it for extended periods of time...
So i cant decide if the problem is my technique or the guitar...
Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks XD
How are you holding the guitar and how do you sit , also what kind of guitar you and your friend have ?

I've been playing for around 6 months also and posture is something that kinda worries me too ... from what i seen online i believe the proper posture is the classical position which is to hold the guitar between your legs and to use a tabouret or a small item to elevate one of your leg however i tried it and i just find it weird and uncomfortable to have the neck of the guitar so far away from me i always played with my legs crossed by holding the guitar over my right thigh from the first day i started playing without even thinking about it i'm not sure if that's bad but that's what felt the more natural to me.
I have a fender bullet strat... used one.. i used to sit with the guitar between my legs and the neck raised but then i switched to the "regular" way most electric guitarists keep it..
My friend owns a yamaha pacifica
Probably a good idea to keep working with that metronome at different speeds. Use a strap, even if your setting, adjust the strap so it will be the same when standing or setting, Let the strap hold the guitar, you have enough to worry about. Take a break from learning songs and get some material to help with technique, and start super slow with that metronome and just slowly build up speed...over time.
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The strap locks are broken lol... im thinking of buying a new one once I am done with school.. will try to practice with the metronome and stuff more.
Thanks XD
You've been playing for 6 months....you've barely started so of course you're not going to be particularly fast.

What you need to understand is that the people who inspired you to play the guitar had to practice their butts off for YEARS to get to where they are now. You can't shortcut the need for years of practice and experience and there's no benefit in trying.

All you need to do to be able to play fast is to be able to play well, and that's difficult and takes a long time. Focus on improving your technique - work on your timing, accuraacy, control, economy of motion and keeping your hands in sync. As those aspects of your skill set improve you'll be able to play faster, more complex things but again, we're talking months if not years...don't be disappointed when you don't see overnight progress.
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Well its kinda hard not to be disappointed when your friend can already play almost anything😅..
Thanks for the advice guys... I'll definetly work on my technique a lot more know XD
Maybe you should learn "Get Rhythm" before "Master of Puppets"  
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Posture is up to the individual so long as it's not bad for your back. If you find it easier resting on the same side as your dominant hand, then play like that, if you think playing classical style will help then try that. Mostly classical position will just shift everything more to your left (if you're right handed) so palm muting and resting on the bridge will be easier for your upper right arm, and it can be easier to reach higher frets, and probably give a slight ergonomic improvement to low frets, which is why you often see people with 8 strings sit like that as well as classical guitarists. I personally don't play in the classical position.

If your hand is slipping, have you tried resting your picking hand on the body or the bridge? or maybe you want to lift it off the body, again its personal preference. Try not to "anchor" though which is where you stretch your ring and/or pinky fingers out to hold your hand in position over the body as it can be awkward for your wrist and cause issues. Basically resting your hand can help for single note things, whereas strumming you should lift your hand off the body, see whats comfortable for you.
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Master is a bit too advanced for a beginner. Maybe try Creeping Death to get you into picking faster; it's a lot easier and should prepare you for something like Master. 

Also, when it comes to songs, play with the record. If you can't play along with the band as fast as they do it, while they are doing it, then you need to start with easier songs first - For Whom the Bell Tolls or Seek and Destroy, for example. The faster stuff will come when you get better both picking and fretting hand.

Don't sweat it. Six months is really just starting. Take it slow and learn what you can learn and don't try to run before you walk.
When I was starting I couldn't play technical stuff, like others have said 6 months is not a lot. I hated bands like Green Day and Offsprings (still do) but I played their stuff because it's all I was able to play top to bottom, maybe start there. What helped me develop speed was learning parts very well and playing them slowly without having to look at the sheet and then gradually playing the part faster and faster. You've got to stay humble when starting out, you won't be as good as your boys but it's not about that anyway
This could be an issue with having the guitar too low, and therefore having your fretting hand bent uncomfortably. I've covered some of this in this article: http://www.stuartbahn.com/i-cant-play-guitar-standing-up/
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Nice info Stuart, what is your take on a beginner strictly learning electric guitar in a classical style position? I had some neck and shoulder issues when I first started with the standard position, switched to classical and everything just seemed to fall into place naturally, and no more cramping up. Also, regardless of strap length, if I play normally with the guitar resting on my right leg, it wont be the same when I stand as the guitar will gravitate towards my middle section.
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Classical position is totally fine. 

Regarding the right leg, if you read the article I posted a link to, I cover what you've just raised. If your guitar is on your right leg, when you're seated then your strap is doing nothing. You might want to try having the strap higher, so that the guitar is a little above your right leg. Then it will be in the same position whether seated or standing.