Hey there,

I'm kind of new to submitting on UG. I just got a suggestion for some chords I posted. I feel like a lot of it is better than what I had, but some parts I do not want to change. I only get the opption to 'approve' or 'reject'. Is it possible to approve partially? Or do I just need to approve/reject then copy paste afterwards?

Thanks in advance,
Normally you'd have to approve/reject then copy paste afterwards, but if you tell me what part of the correction you'd like to keep I can edit it for you in the queue.
..also to add to this what you can also do is take the part you feel needs changing and change ONLY those parts...

Then REJECT the correction ... and when it asks why just simply state that you felt some parts were correct and
that you did make those changes but felt that some of the corrections were not needed and so had to REJECT it
since there was no other option..

Then thank the person for their suggestions.
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