I was an idiot and broke the neck joint on my Gibson SG by being careless and letting the guitar drop from my hands at the end of a gig. I have now paid the price with the neck breaking at where it meets the body. It hasn't completely broken off yet btw. Does anyone here think it's fixable? I've already emailed my local luthier to organise a meeting to see what he can do, but just looking to see what your guys' opinions on it are. Cheers

It's going to be fine. The break needs to be opened up slightly, perhaps with a few tiny holes drilled nearer to the deepest parts, and then Titebond Original can be injected down there with a syringe and needle. If the Titebond is mixed with a small amount of water, it'll soak into the wood better. Once the glue is in, it'll be a case of clamping up for a day or two, before a black nitro touch-up. Don't attempt it yourself, but it definitely IS fixable.
-MintSauce-   I think that is how many home repair guy would tackle this but a good luthier wouldn't drill holes in the guitar to fix a problem like this.

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I did not really know that the company never able to fix their neck breakage problem. I used to have Les and is not repairable.