looking to add a looper pedal to my board, what looper pedals do you guys think is the best on the market, price no problem for me, i am asking your advice because you guys have road tested the pedals that gives me a valued opinion,

         thanks for your time,
Ditto X4.

Value is a function of quality, features and price. If you have an infinite budget, what does it matter if the pedal in question is the best value on the market? Just get the highest quality one with the best features available and to hell with the cost.
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Do you need/want any other fx? I've had a handful of loopers over the years but I loved a Line 6 DL4 for a while and dug it so much I upgraded (kinda) to the Line 6 M9 for all my fx loop fx, including looper. The M9 only replaced my delay/looper at first but I noticed the other fx loop fx sounded just as good as my pedals so its now the only thing in my fx loop, aside from a DbA Ghost Delay for noise rock.

The looper on the M9 is excellent. Crystal clear, no mfx tint if no fx are on. Separate switches for record and play/stop, so no tapping out Morse code (cough Boss RC1-2-3 cough). Reverse and 2x/half-speed functions. Its a sweet looper/delay/tremolo/phaser/flanger/etc.

The Ditto is cool. I recently took a Boss RC1 in a trade, thought it would be better without all the bells and whistles of the RC2/3 but Boss still managed to make it annoying to use.

Good luck!
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Depends on what you want to do. I use a DL4, an M9, a Jamman Express (stereo!) for very simple looping. For more complex looping/composition (not just soloing over backing tracks or building up verse/chorus song structures), I use a Boomerang III and an Echoplex Digital Pro. 
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