Hey guys,
I'm considering buying a Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar; I like its shape and general vibe, but I would prefer if it had 3 single coils, instead of two, and I would prefer a 5-way switch (for a strat-style switching system) instead of pickup on/off switches. Essentially, I want to keep the lead/rhythm circuit and master tone/volume controls, but add a middle pickup and 5-way blade switch. Anyone have any idea how realistic this is, and if possible could anyone provide appropriate schematics? 
Thanks a lot.
Woodworking aside, pretty easily doable.  Just needs the pickguard and body routed for the middle pickup, and then there's a guy on Offset-Guitars.com who makes custom control plates who could mill you one for a 5-way pickup selector ala Strat.  The hardest part would be routing the pickup cavity (need a router + a template and some care).
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If you really must do this (and, for what it's worth, my experience is that you'll have plenty of other things to modify on that particular instrument), your best bet for the 5 way would be to try and get the switch plate from the Johnny Marr Jag and stick that on there. Pretty sure the dimensions are the same for the 4 way switch used on that guitar and the 5 way on a Strat. As far as schematics, I'm rusty on that sort of thing and I don't have the time to put together anything like that imminently, but I believe (and those more literate in this field are welcome to correct me) that you'd just wire it as a Strat with one volume and one tone (should definitely be a schematic on the Seymour Duncan website for 3 pups, one vol, one tone), except that the neck pickup hot and the wire between the lead circuit volume and the output jack would take a detour via the rhythm circuit switch, as on a regular Jaguar, and the rhythm circuit otherwise being wired as normal.

Besides that, make sure you're ready for this before you go for it. Do you at least know your way around basic wiring, troubleshooting tuning issues, and routing? The Jag, especially that model, can be a handful at the best of times and I'd definitely consider getting someone else to do the hard work if you really want this.
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