Hi guys,

I have an old Strat copy, a Marshall Rocket Special to be precise. It has a HSS configuration, the single coils are nothing to die for, but the humbucker sounds great and its output is quite hot. However, I need more power on the neck, so I want to put a Tonerider Generator Neck there. I have also heard the Alnico II classics sound and I liked it, I heard the octane and Alnico IV and I did not like it, they sound too high for my taste. I'm gonna keep the singles in there as well for strumming and low output low gain situations. I am trying to get a Steve Morse kind of sound, I like switching between neck and bridge pickups while soloing, but if I do that now I lose a lot of power because of the single coil. I like doing harmonics, but for now the bridge humbucker handles that well.  Which one would you recommend for the neck?

I’ll most probable end up with a SHSH configuration, I like the sound of the neck single for low output mid gain parts or riffs, and switching between the neck and bridge humbuckers is a must, I have than on my RG320 and I love it. I know that if I put the humbucker after the neck single it will not be at the “sweet spot” as some call it, but let us not get into that debate. Placing the humbucker after the neck single will be like having a humbucker in a 24-fret guitar. The middle single will have to be moved a bit to make room for the humbucker and I will probably slant it backwards, right know I have it as low as the pickguard for low output low gain playing or chords and it works ok. What do you think of the configuration?


P.S. If you live in Zürich and want to get together and jam, send me a PM.
P.P.S. I’ll most likely replace the singles in the near future AND the bridge humbucker, but let us focus on the neck humbucker for now J