I need to output stereo backing tracks (2 of the inputs) and a click/cue track (1 of the inputs). AI's typically pair their outputs so I guess I will have to get a 4-output AI. Currently I am borrowing a Focusrite Saffire 6 USB and have no problems, and I am most leaning towards finding a used one and calling it a day. It is somewhat an older model so I do not know how long the USB drivers will hold up (?).

The obvious choice is the 2i4 but even used prices are a bit high. Any other suggestions? Have we made a verdict on the Berry U-Phorias?
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You don't want the Berry's, they're using ASIO4ALL drivers and that makes them a mess. Might want to look at some older Edirol interfaces, I think also Tascam has some USB interfaces that go ultra cheap.

Personally, I'll probably go PreSonus Studio 2|6: