Looking to start fingerstyle guitar, but one question... Do you palm mute the strings when playing? Like when you do when playing the electric. Sorry I'm a noob at fingerstyle, but here's an example:

Is he muting the strings after he's done playing them or is he just playing it like an Open chord?
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Well it depends on how you want it to sound.  As with normal electric playing, you should be able to do both so you have complete control over the sounds you're making.
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Zaphod_Beeblebr Hey, thanks for responding man! I looked into it even further and can't really find anything about it other than a few guys who do it, but its not like it is when playing the electric when there's a lot of distortion. I even looked at a how to play fingerstyle guitar book and it didn't mention anything about muting. Muting has been tough for me overall. Mainly the reason I don't play much lead guitar.
I play fingerstyle and don't really palm mute at all. You can do it to give the bass strings more err... thud. Sorry I dunno the technical wording. It just makes it sound a bit tighter. It's quite common in Travis style fingerpicking. It's really just for when you're after that particular sound.
Hi intheJungle.

I have always liked the finger picking vs a pick. As a beginner way back, I didn't know why. But some 30+ yrs later I think it's because finger picking gives the ability to pluck/choose/voice chords you can't get with just a full strum.

Gweddle.nz is spot on with the Travis style picking. I'm lucky enough to personally know some well known local pickers that are , or should be world famous. Look up Scotty Anderson and Ray Cummins. Ray does regular videos for Vintage Guitar Magazine and was a close friend with the great Chet Atkins.

Good luck with your studies. Stay with it!! You'll get it.
I'm a fingerpicker, and I don't use palm muting on acoustic, which is the reason I have such a hard time playing electric. With the benefit of hindsight, I would have acquired some palm muting skills while I was learning. FWIW, I find it physically difficult to palm mute wile using my bare thumb (something Ry Cooder, for example, is very good at), but it is a whole lot easier when using a thumbpick, so I can rotate my hand further back.
I finger pick on electric and classical - you can palm mute while finger picking but it's not something that happens a lot - it would mostly be on the lower strings when you want a certain tone.  You also need to adjust your grip in order to do it ( the" proper" classical" grip won't work, you need to rest your hand against the strings).  I'll do it when playing electric with overdrive or distortion, depending on the context. 

It is a skill you should be somewhat familiar with it because muted notes can really add dynamics to your playing - it helps create accents.